Aesthetic corrections
& functional improvement

Nose operations


Nose operations, or rhinoplasty, are surgical procedures to improve the shape, size or function of the nose. Aesthetic nose corrections are popular to make the face look more harmonious.
A successful operation can increase self-confidence and well-being if it creates an appearance with which the patient feels comfortable.

In addition to aesthetic considerations such as“too big“,“too long“,“too crooked“,“pointed nose” or“bumpy nose“, there are also functional problems that you can have treated at the same time.

Nasal septum surgery

A crooked nasal septum can become a problem: breathing becomes difficult, sinusitis becomes more frequent, and even ears can cause problems, accompanied by headaches and snoring.

If such symptoms occur, surgery could be a solution.

The procedure is usually carried out under general anesthesia, but it is becoming increasingly rare for it to require a longer hospital stay. The nasal mucosa is loosened at the required points and the cartilage is straightened. Modern techniques reduce the risk of secondary bleeding and often avoid the insertion of nasal tampons.

The correction of the nasal septum can be performed alone or as part of an aesthetic rhinoplasty, in which excessively large turbinates can also be reduced in size. Occasionally, the operation is also used to address problems with the paranasal sinuses.

Complications after such procedures are very rare. After the operation, it is important to avoid nicotine and alcohol and to attend regular outpatient check-ups. Sport, strong sunlight and hot baths should be avoided for about four weeks to ensure complete healing.

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Correcting the tip of the nose is not really a critical procedure,
but requires surgical precision work.

Nose tip

The nose is a striking feature of the human face. Its texture is an essential factor in the overall appearance of a face. If the nose has noticeable blemishes, most people feel uncomfortable with them and want to have them corrected.

This can be a hump on the nose, a nose that is too long, a nose that is too wide, but also a snub nose that stands in stark contrast to otherwise very elegant facial features

In many people who want a nose correction, the nose has a very beautiful shape in itself, which is only spoiled by a small detail. at the tip of the nose looks uneven and incongruous in the overall appearance. However, the tip of the nose is the most difficult part of the nose job and requires a lot of experience, as it is crucial for breathing and can therefore be treated for medical reasons alone. This is performed by a specialist on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia and almost painlessly without tamponades.

Nose tip correction is one of the absolute specialties of
Dr. Sawatzki
. His specialist training in ENT and additional qualifications in plastic surgery make him the ideal choice for this aesthetic operation. Dr. Sawatzki was trained by Prof. Dr. Mang, a renowned nasal specialist.

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Nasal surgery at a glance:


During the consultation, many examples can be shown that will also convince you.


Local or general anesthesia, depending on the type and extent of the procedure. If only the tip of the nose is corrected, this can be done on an outpatient basis

Back at it again

On average, patients are socially acceptable after about a week.

Sport & Leisure

For min. 3 – 4 Wo. no physical strain and exertion.


A nasal septum operation can be covered by the health insurance.


Thanks to his ENT specialist training and his additional qualification in plastic surgery Dr. Sawatzki Dr. Sawatzki has the specialist knowledge and extensive experience to meet the medical and aesthetic requirements of rhinoplasty. His keen aesthetic sense enables him to design the ideal nose for each individual patient.

Nose surgery can be combined with various aesthetic procedures to achieve a comprehensive and harmonious result. For example, with a breast and/or lip correction.

A combined operation reduces the overall risk
and saves time and costs.