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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a popular procedure among women that satisfies the deep desire for a particularly beautiful breast. Women in particular suffer from changes in their body and self-esteem after pregnancy.

The same applies to young women who feel exposed to high social pressure from, for example, model competitions. If you think that your psychological well-being is suffering, you should do something about it.

Breast surgeries are secured today and the surgical risks are controllable. You should pay particular attention to the breast implants and not just to the costs of the surgery.

Procedure Overview

Consultation Ausführliche Beratung bei der Wahl zur ästhetisch richtigen Größe
Surgery approx. 60 - 90 min

general anesthesia

Stay stationary 1 night, alternatively ambulant
Social life
after a few days, no sport, heavy lifting for 4 weeks
Narben kaum sichtbar
Sports & Leisure
after 4 weeks with sport bra
More self-dissolving threads, implant pass, warranty


Regardless of the price, the most important thing for you is an excellent result without complications. This requires an aesthetic sense and many years of experience.

It is underestimated that breast implants have different costs depending on the manufacturer. Dr. Sawatzki only uses premium breast implants which mean maximum safety for you.

Your costs are therefore determined by.

  •  Stay inpatient or outpatient
  •  Anesthesia
  •  Costs breast implants
  •  Medical service
  •  OP Means / Consumables
  •  Aftercare


The materials used for breast augmentation are cushions filled with saline or silicone gel, which are available in various shapes and sizes. In a detailed consultation you can discuss your own wishes and ideas with Dr. Karsten Sawatzki.

During the consultation we will also clarify which breast implants in which shape and size are the best for you. In addition, the anatomical prerequisites are examined.

The desired implant is inserted into the breast according to individual requirements via an access via the armpit, via the nipple edge incision or via the breast fold. The decision whether to place the pillow on or under the pectoral muscle also depends on the anatomy of the patient.

The procedure is always performed under general anesthesia and is associated with an inpatient stay of one night. The operation takes about 60 to 90 minutes. The wound is sutured with self-dissolving sutures and the scars are hardly visible later.

Wearing a bandage is necessary for five days. After that, a tight-fitting sports bra should be worn for four weeks. During the first four weeks after the operation, no sport should be practiced. Heavy lifting should also be avoided. For her own safety, the patient receives an emergency implant pass after the operation.

Image before - after

According to German Law, we cannot show any pictures before or after the treatment. Below some After pictures with the result of the breast augmentation. With Dr. Sawatzki you can jointly examine hundreds of results before and after in a personal consultation. Of course, the anonymity of patients is preserved.

Images after our breast enlargements

Brustvergrößerung vorher nachher bilder

Risks and side effecs

Every operation and medical intervention involves risks. You will receive detailed advice on this in a personal appointment. High quality material, best breast implants and skilled personnel are an important factor to keep medical risks low.


As a woman, you should not shy away from the possibility of increasing your aesthetic comfort if you suffer from it or if you wish to do otherwise. Modern and high-quality breast implants as well as refined surgical techniques enable an experienced surgeon to achieve perfect, harmonious and natural results.

The trend "big" is all may perhaps apply to some B celebrities. Dr. Sawatzki believes it is important that the choice of implant fits your physique and looks like real.

You will be highly satisfied with the result when the price for the perfect breast has long been forgotten. You will be treated by a doctor who is passionate about aesthetics.