Dr. Sawatzki

Aesthetic Medicine - Plastic Surgeries

Patients appreciate Dr. Sawatzki's empathy and experience with the natural sense of aesthetics.

Since the 90s, patients have been treated safely and reliably with a balanced measure for a perfect result.

In particular, difficult nose corrections, aesthetic breast enlargements, liposuction and facelifts have been operated on with great experience for years.

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Sawatzki München

Plastic Surgeries

The upper eyelid correction tightens the fine tissue around the eyes, which reacts particularly early to ageing.
Best experience with nose tip correction. The tip of the nose that perfects your face.
Breast augmentation is a popular procedure among women that satisfies the deep desire for a particularly beautiful…
A nose operation is a very general term.

Aesthetic Treatments

Xanthelasma can be removed and treated. These are limited deposits of fat or fatty substances in…
The skin loses moisture with increasing age and thus becomes less elastic. First small wrinkles…
Lip correction can counter the loss of volume in old age or make lips that are too narrow appear…
From a medical point of view it is a small flaw, aesthetically you don't like to see the rings…