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Facial rejuvenation


Fresh, young and without scars

Almeida Aesthetic offers a reliable solution when alternative wrinkle treatments and anti-wrinkle creams fail to deliver results.
Our surgical facelifts offer a reliable way to achieve subtle improvements while ensuring a gentler and more advanced approach compared to the past.

Facelift – good to know

The benefits of a facelift go beyond purely cosmetic improvements. It will improve your self-confidence and self-perception when you simply feel better with a fresher and younger look.

A facelift can provide a permanent solution to age-related changes in the face, but it should be noted that the results may be affected by the natural aging process over time. It is important to have realistic expectations and discuss options with a qualified plastic surgeon prior to surgery.

Facelift at a glance:


A thorough consultation with a qualified and experienced surgeon is crucial to determine the best treatment option for individual needs.


A complete facelift requires an average operation time of three hours. The results are generally dependent on the stage of skin aging and anatomical conditions.

Back at it again

Overall, patients should allow a healing phase of three weeks for a facelift until all swelling has subsided.

Sport & Leisure

Sports and other physical exertion should be avoided in the first four weeks after the operation


A nasal septum operation can be covered by the health insurance.


A facelift can have a positive effect on skin ageing. Under optimal conditions, such as a relatively early stage of skin aging and good anatomical conditions, excellent, long-term results can be achieved. After a facelift, the face appears much fresher and more relaxed, younger and more vibrant.

The operation can be combined with various aesthetic procedures,
to achieve a comprehensive and harmonious result.

A combined operation reduces the overall risk and saves time and costs.