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Facelift Gesicht

If alternative methods of wrinkle treatment are no longer effective or anti-wrinkle creams are useless, a surgical facelift is a reliable method.

In principle, there is not a single facelift, but numerous methods, which also bring very discreet improvements. There is no need to be scared off by worse celebrity images after a previous facelift.


In this procedure, sunken facial and neck structures are tightened, it serves the natural, intensive facial rejuvenation.

Through the finest incision in the area of the hairline covered by the hair and the ears, the facial skin is detached endoscopically in a controlled manner, i.e. the incision is accompanied by optics.

The skin layers that cause the aging process are tightened and excess skin is removed, in some cases even repositioned. The later scars are concealed.


It is a natural fact that the elasticity of the skin diminishes with age. The musculature in the tissue under the skin also loses its tension.

Environmental toxins, stress, nutritional conditions, but also alcohol or nicotine also have a negative effect on skin ageing. Facial expression also plays a role. Forehead wrinkles, eye wrinkles or mouth wrinkles occur. In many cases, the sinking of the skin causes bags to form under the eyes.


A facelift can have a positive effect on skin ageing. Under optimal conditions such as a relatively early stage of skin aging and good anatomical conditions, excellent long-term results can be achieved. After a facelift, the face appears much fresher and more relaxed, younger and more alive.

Depending on the age of the patient and the condition of the skin, a facelift can be carried out in partial areas. However, the best results are usually achieved with a complete facelift.
An extremely fine incision is required, which is determined by the surgeon in a detailed analysis of the face before the operation.

Depending on requirements, the specialist roughly distinguishes 3 stages from 12 variants:

  1. Model- or C-Lift
    The nasolabial folds, which run from the wing of the nose to the corner of the mouth, are mainly tightened.
  2. S-Lift
    The S-Lift also corrects hanging cheeks and a beginning double chin.
  3. HW-Lift
    The neck and cheek lift also lifts the sagging neck skin up to the base of the décolleté.

Surcical Procedue

In principle, the incisions are made at the hairline and in the ear area.

The entire facial skin is loosened, tightened and shortened at the required points. Wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes or around the mouth are smoothed. At the same time, if necessary, the eyebrows are lifted slightly, because they also sink slightly over the years due to sagging skin and muscles, making the eyes appear much smaller and often tired.

A complete facelift requires an average operation time of three hours. The results are basically dependent on the stage of skin aging and anatomical conditions. Another important aspect for the success of the operation is the general state of health. Patients who do not smoke, who have not exposed their skin too much to the sun and who do not suffer from serious diseases can expect the best results.


After the surgery an stationary in-patient stay is necessary. On the first day after the operation, the bandage is removed and the face should be cooled in different places again and again.

The patient should rest for at least eight days. Laughter or other strain on the facial muscles should be avoided so that the skin can heal.

The sutures are cared for with ointments. After about ten days the stitches can be removed. Sun exposure should be avoided for several weeks.

Sport and other physical exertion should be avoided during the first four weeks after the operation. More dangerous sports such as team sports, tennis or squash, where the face could be hit, should be avoided for at least six months.

Overall, patients should plan a healing period of three weeks for a facelift until all swelling has subsided. Basically, it can take several weeks until the result is fully visible.