Vor allem eine langjährige Erfahrung in der Botoxbehandlung sind wichtig für natürliche Ergebnisse. Die sinnvolle Dosierung, sowie die richtigen Zonen muss man kennen, damit die Mimik nicht erstarrt. Viele Patienten schätzen die Erfahrungen in dieser beliebten Faltenbehandlung.

Wrinkle treatment

The skin loses moisture with increasing age and thus becomes less elastic. First small wrinkles form which, if nothing is done, become deeper and deeper over the years, while other small wrinkles join in.


The nose at the centre of the face and of observation is a distinctive feature of human beings.

Particularly large, long, crooked, pointed or tubercular noses may make life difficult for the affected individual and  aesthetic/cosmetic surgery can lend nature a hand here.

It is not only the form of the nose which is important here but above all its function:

It breathes, smiles, cleans and warms the air.

With great empathy, an individual natural overall result is achieved with the experience and aesthetic sense of the doctor playing a decisive role.