Wrinkle treatment

The skin loses moisture with increasing age and thus becomes less elastic. First small wrinkles form which, if nothing is done, become deeper and deeper over the years, while other small wrinkles join in.


The lips have always been an eye-catcher in the middle of the face. Nothing for nothing is dedicated to them the cosmetics industry with numerous products, such as lipstick, contour lift, just to name a few.

Collagen, own fat or hyaluronic acid to inject into the lips are sufficiently well known and effective to give the lips not only volume but also a new shape.

A disadvantage of these methods is the limited effect or duration of the result full of lips. Why is this so?

Neck lift - neck tightening

Many medical methods make it possible to treat wrinkles on the face. However, the neck remains a zone where anti-wrinkle treatments are rarely effective. The solution is an isolated neck lift (neck tightening) to look aesthetically and harmoniously youthful.

Only a few years ago it was not possible to smooth or tighten the neck in isolation. Dr. Sawatzki is one of the few specialists in aesthetic neck tightening for men and women.

Read 10 minutes to find out more about the methods and solutions available:


Those who want to treat snoring should get familiar with the methods of Snorelift - Ronchopathy - Sleep Cosmetics. To heal snoring it depends on the individual case. Dr. Sawatzki has a specialist training in ENT with additional qualification in plastic surgery, as well as many years of experience in nose corrections.

Depending on the studies, 30 million people in Germany are affected, 60-80% of all men over 50 years of age snore. A side effect can be a restless sleep, with the consequence the next morning unslept and tired to look.