Neck lift - neck tightening

Neck lining - neck tightening

Many medical methods make it possible to treat wrinkles on the face. However, the neck remains a zone where anti-wrinkle treatments are rarely effective. The solution is an isolated neck lift (neck tightening) to look aesthetically and harmoniously youthful.

Only a few years ago it was not possible to smooth or tighten the neck in isolation. Dr. Sawatzki is one of the few specialists in aesthetic neck tightening for men and women.

Read 10 minutes to find out more about the methods and solutions available:

Problem neck

What is the problem if the neck is wrinkled, hangs and the skin has become flaccid (including turkey neck)? According to Dr. Sawatzki's experience, there is currently only one solution: "Whenever the skin hangs, it has to be lifted, no ointments, creams or other household remedies help".

The aging of the skin and the associated loss of elasticity as well as a reduction in the deeper tissue structures can no longer be reversed with natural remedies.

In general, Dr. Sawatzki is also open to new methods without surgery. But none of these methods produces - today - really impressive results, especially in a short time.

Because the neck remains a problem zone that can only be solved with a lot of know-how, so that the transition from a fresh face to the décolleté looks even and credible aesthetically.

Isolated neck lift

Dr. Sawatzki's method is the isolated neck lift, which represents a further development and improvement of previous "lifting methods" for beautifying the neck.

The main advantage is that this technique is independent of other parts such as the face. This reduces the strain on you as the patient.


Consultation Detailed advice
Operation approx. 90 -120 min
Anesthesia Local anesthesia with twilight sleep or general anesthesia (recommended)
Stay ambulatory
Presentable after a few days
Scars hardly visible
Sports / Leisure after 4 Weeks
Sonstiges self-dissolving threads, no drainage, lymph drainage recommended


The Dr. Sawatzki neck tightening method is offered exclusively by Almeida Aesthetic. Please talk to us about before - after pictures as well as patient recommendations. We will show you impeccable evaluations and results of our method. Patients are absolutely satisfied with the isolated neck lift.

It is a variant of the "lower face lift" with tumescence technique and application of a biologically well tolerated tissue adhesive.

The main part of the incision lies behind the ear. Incisions under the chin are therefore not necessary. Outpatient in local or also in the twilight sleep accomplished the result of a tightened neck adjusts itself in short time.

We also use cold plasma to accelerate the healing process.

Costs and Prices

Regardless of the price, the most important thing for you is an excellent result without complications.

This requires an aesthetic sense and many years of experience.

Based on a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan, you will receive a cost estimate. Your costs are generally determined by the following services.

  • Vor- und Nachbetreuung
  • Anästhesie
  • Medizinische Leistung
  • OP Mittel / Verbrauchsmaterial
  • Nachsorge
  • Standort München
  • Erfahrener Facharzt auf dem Gebiet
  • Moderne Privatpraxis im Zentrum

Cheaper prices can be agreed, in conjunction with extensions such as double-chin removal, face-lift variants or general combination with other treatments. Talk to us about it.

Before - After

Following beforehand pictures, with starting situations. We will show you the results of our neck lifting method afterwards - while preserving the anonymity of the patients. Talk to us about it. We want you to feel safe and get a result you are happy with.

Before Nachher
Hals faltig vor Halsstraffung

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Dr. Sawatzki has operated on thousands of patients since the late 1990s, including models and celebrities. Above all, his intuitive natural sense for aesthetics combined with his surgical experience produce great results.

The ageing of the skin and here the tightening of the neck is a challenge for a plastic surgeon. In the various specialist training courses, the neck is left out and no special methods are learned. The tightening of this region is at most seen in connection with the removal of the double chin or facelift.

It takes a lot of experience and understanding of modern medical methods to achieve lasting and beautiful results in neck lifting.

If the face still looks fresh (also because of the wrinkle treatment) but the neck is wrinkled, you do not need a facelift anymore. Here the isolated neck lift is the solution to achieve an even transition from face to neck.