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Dr. Karsten Sawatzki

Private clinic Schwabing

In our new practice in Schwabing for plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, we are located near Schwabinger Tor and Leopoldstraße. Here we can treat you in a discreet atmosphere away from any hectic pace and take a lot of time for you.

We welcome you in a confidential and distinguished atmosphere where your concerns remain within the smallest circle.

Privatpraxis Plastische Operationen und Ästhetische Medizin
Arzt Ästhetische Medizin

Plastic Surgeries - Aesthetic Procedures

After more than 10 years of professional experience, he settled in 2003 in the center of Munich. Here his main activity takes place. He also operates on request in renowned houses in Marbella.

A profound knowledge was acquired from experts and specialists. This has already included numerous internships abroad during his studies in Brazil and later in the USA, Europe and Russia, bringing international exchange of knowledge and experience and numerous memberships in professional societies of aesthetic surgery.

Qualification - Expert

Specialist: Facelift, upper eyelid correction, lower eyelid correction, nose correction, ear and neck lift, minimally invasive wrinkle treatment.

Bilder vorher - nachher zeigen

Not only through his training, but above all because of his many years of experience and many treatments, perfect expertises can be shown.
In the area of head, face and neck one must work perfectly and know the structures as well as mechanisms, otherwise a "mistake" remains visible.

Dr. Sawatzki acquired the additional qualification of ENT specialist in plastic surgery in 2 years of training. At the renowned beauty clinic for aesthetic and plastic surgery, the Bodenseeklinik of Prof. Dr. Mang, he performed plastic surgery for many years.

Dr. Sawatzki München

Innovation - new techniques

Bio Spacelift

A gentle lifting for your face. One of Dr. Sawatzki's methods of rejuvenating your appearance without surgery.

Bio Spacelift das sanfte Facelifting
Isoliertes Halslift

A tightening of the neck requires a lot of feeling and experience. The isolated neck lift is a reliable method from Dr. Sawatzki.

Halsstraffung Falten Hals

Curriculum vitae

Karsten Sawatzki, born in Landau in the Palatinate in 1963, studied human medicine at Munich's Ludwig Maximilian University after graduating from the humanistic Eduard Spranger Grammar School there.

In 1990, he completed his specialist training in ear, nose and throat medicine at the Klinikum rechts der Isar of the Technical University of Munich and completed his doctorate on traumatology of the midface under Prof. Dr. Dr. Werner Mang.

After completing his military service in 1992 as a medical officer in the Munich Military District Command, Karsten Sawatzki continued his specialist training at the Head Clinic of the Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg.


In 1996, Dr. Karsten Sawatzki transferred for 6 years to the Bodenseeklinik Lindau of the internationally renowned plastic surgeon Prof. Dr. Dr. Werner Mang. After completing his specialist training, he undertook further training and acquired the additional qualification of plastic surgeon.