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Chin correction

The chin area plays a very important role in the aesthetics of the face. Eyes, nose and mouth may be harmonious, but a chin that is too small or too fleeing makes the nose appear larger and the other person's attention will never focus on the beautiful eyes but on the nose.

A prominent chin can make the otherwise soft facial features appear very hard. A double chin, on the other hand, makes the rest of a face appear disproportionate.

The so-called double chin is usually due to excess skin under the chin or a "fleeing" chin due to aging, which is either congenital or the result of an accident or a necessary operation.

In any case, it is possible to harmonize the different elements of the face through an operation on the chin. Chin modelling in combination with a nose hump, combination of a hump removal from the nose, even this own material can be used.

In the case of a receding chin, the chin is built up through an invisible incision in the oral vestibule. This can be done under local or general anaesthesia. A custom-made graft is inserted into the incision or the patient's own bone material is used. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. The stitches dissolve by themselves and do not have to be removed. After the operation, a chin bandage is applied, which must be worn for about five days. During the first week, only soft food may be eaten to avoid mechanical manipulation.

The same guidelines apply to chin ablation, i.e. a reduction process. Excess bone material is removed here. The after-treatment is the same. After about a week the patient is socially acceptable again.

If the double chin is dietary, this can be removed by liposuction under local anaesthesia with the elegant side effect that the skin is even slightly tightened. The so-called fat-away injection is preferred by some, does not bring the exact modelling like the liposuction even with careful application, regardless of whether cryolipolysis or the ultrasound-supported variant is used here.

If, however, the excess skin is too large, a lower facelift is indicated, also in combination with a degreasing there, in order to give the chin a youthful shape again.

All these variations together are painless and can be performed on an outpatient basis with fast healing.