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Wrinkle treatment

The skin loses moisture with increasing age and thus becomes less elastic. First small wrinkles form which, if nothing is done, become deeper and deeper over the years, while other small wrinkles join in. With regard to the formation of wrinkles, a distinction is made between mimic wrinkles and orthostatic wrinkles.

Mimic wrinkles are caused by contractions of the facial muscles. Very typical are forehead wrinkles or the so-called laugh wrinkles around the mouth and eyes.

Orthostatic wrinkles are a consequence of skin aging and are caused by gravity, which is a consequence of the aging process. The fatty tissue in the subcutis sinks and wrinkles form.

Thanks to the more than sufficiently researched forms of therapy, it is possible to make facial expression wrinkles disappear and to stop orthostatic wrinkle formation in time: with wrinkle injections.

Hyaluronic acid

Botox treatment is the best known method of wrinkle treatment. Alternatively, there is also the possibility of treatment with hyaluronic acid or collagen. The autologous fat injection is also an extremely effective and gentle form of therapy. For this purpose, the patient's own living fat cells are removed from a problem zone under local anesthesia and injected under the skin of the regions affected by wrinkles with the finest cannulas under further local anesthesia. The injected fat cells remain vital due to the connection to the blood vessels. The face looks fresh and youthful again. The procedure of an autologous fat injection takes about one hour. The healing phase lasts an average of one week.

The surgical procedure as it would be done with a facelift, for example, can be postponed by many years with this method.


  • Local anesthesia of the problem area
  • Syringes of the affected regions
  • Own fat injection approx. 1 hour
  • Healing phase on average 1 week