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Lip correction

A sensually full mouth, possibly with an injection of wrinkles around the lips, creates a fresh, youthful appearance. All lip correction treatments are always performed with biological materials under local anaesthesia. From years of experience with models and celebrities, Dr. Sawatzki has a flair for the aesthetics that suits you.

Biological materials

The advantage of these biological materials lies in their good tolerability and their easy degradation in the body. Thus, an exact and easy application without long-term side effects is possible.

In addition to collagen substances (allergy test four weeks before treatment), we offer the use of hyaluronic acid, connective tissue from the red cockscomb, biologically produced lactic acid or our own body material such as muscle or fascia strips.

Autologous fat

The most popular material is its own fat (see Spacelift), which has recently been successfully used in the USA and South America in particular through refined techniques without any foreign body reactions. The success lasts several months and can be repeated as often as desired.

Teflon tubes for lip building

As the only exception to these biological materials, we use soft Teflon tubes for lip augmentation, which can be removed quickly and easily if necessary.

Depending on your needs and your individual situation, we will advise you in advance and in detail about the procedure in your personal case.