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Images surgeries

We can show you thousands of pictures of many procedures and treatments. In addition to the AFTER photos shown below, we will be happy to show you the BEFORE situation in a personal appointment.
Please note due to german law we're prohibited to show comparing images of surgeries and treatments. Please contact us and we can show you lot of fotos

Pictures before - after breast augmentation

After - breast surgery after pregnancy

Brustvergrößerung nach Schwangerschaft

After the pregnancy this young woman probably had a nicely shaped breast, but she had the desire to regain the old volume and a little more.

fter - breast correction more volume and rounder

The patient had the desire for bigger and rounder breasts. As a young woman with a slender figure, the breast surgery here comes to full effect.

Jetzt unverbindliche Beratung

Images before - after nose correction

Noses OP - Nose profile

Nasen OP - Nasenprofil

In this young patient the profile became considerably more graceful.

Crooked nose nose correction

Nasen OP - Nasenprofil

This nose was a "difficult nose", because originally it was crooked and with a clear arch downwards, as it is more often seen with arabians.