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Dr. Sawatzki has many years of experience with the treatment of Botox and pays attention to the sensible dosage so that the facial expressions do not "freeze". A prior detailed evaluation of the wrinkles and consultation guarantee the best results.

Read on to be sure that this wrinkle treatment is inexpensive, reliable and safe from a specialist with experience.

Our Prices

The costs for botulinum treatment in Munich for medical specialists and clinics are mostly in the range of:

    190.- EUR to 260.- EUR per injection

The costs are influenced by the number of injections (dosages) and the scope of the desired treatment. It is therefore difficult to offer botulinum toxin at a general price as a flat-rate treatment. In my opinion, a convincing result is more relevant for you than "saving at the wrong end".

One injection is often sufficient for the frown line, while 2 to 3 injections may be necessary for other wrinkle treatments. The costs become cheaper proportional to the other injections.

Live in German TV

Convince yourself - Dr. Sawatzki makes live in German TV a reliable and skilled Botox-Treatment.